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Review: How to Make a Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes

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By: burgundy bug

“How to Make a Plant Love You” by Summer Rayne Oakes

Source: How to Make a Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes | Penelope Peru Photography

Summer Rayne Oakes, who has accrued a large following on Instagram for her astounding plant collection, delights us with her journey into becoming a plant mother of hundreds in “How to Make a Plant Love You.”

The book begins with how Oakes’ passion for nature was seeded and sowed in her childhood, influencing her to pursue a career in sustainable fashion.

Refusing to let the confines of her historic apartment in the concrete jungle of New York to bar her from flowers and foliage, Oakes’ found inventive solutions to embrace her inner horticulturalist indoors.

Throughout “How to Make a Plant Love You,” Oakes captivates the reader through her own personal experiences gardening and studying plant life. Her story is further complemented by the testimonies from her followers who were inspired to get their green thumbs dirty after seeing Oakes’ plants online.

While the subject itself is inherently fascinating, Oakes’ extensive, eloquent, and descriptive vocabulary is the cherry on top of this perfect plant-lover’s sundae.

“How to Make a Plant Love You” is both a charming and educational read. I thoroughly enjoyed cruising through this book, as you can see by the sheer amount of notes I took throughout my reading.

Notes taken and pages marked while reading “How to Make a Plant Love You.”

Source: How to Make a Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes | Penelope Peru Photography

I highly recommend giving “How to Make a Plant Love You” a read, even if you’re convinced you were cursed with black thumbs and the inability to keep even a cactus or an air plant alive.

I loved this book so much, I’ve already purchased additional copies to share with my fellow flower fanatic friends. It’s a great read for personal enrichment, but even better when shared with others who appreciate nature as much as you do.

Overall? I give this book 5 out of 5 leaves.

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