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The Best Apps For Musicians & Singers by Jeremy Bowler

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By: Jeremy Bowler

A singer passionately belting

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Writer Jeremy Bowler shares some of the best apps for musicians looking to tune their craft up a notch.

As the COVID-19 restrictions gradually lift, we’re all starting to realize just how much we’ve missed the arts. From theatre to comedy performances, and especially live gigs and music. For musicians and singers, there are plenty of tools to learn, practice, create, and network. To discover a few of the best options, check out these awesome.

Apps for Songwriters and Singers

Songwriter’s Pad App

The Songwriter’s Pad app is a fantastic resource for singers and songwriters. App users can easily stamp out writer’s block and get motivated. Songwriter’s Pad includes idea generation tools to inspire creativity.

The app encourages songwriters to channel their emotions, using these feelings to create beautiful songs. There’s plenty of things you can do with the app, including:

  • Access the rhyming dictionary.
  • Chord notation features, (add chords within lyrics).
  • Use the record feature to record a melody.
  • Add notes including the publisher, tempo, author, and more.
  • Organize lyrics in one place.
  • Back up songs using Cloud technology.

VoCo Vocal Coach

VoCo is a free vocal coaching tool. The app is designed for performers, voice students, and music teachers. Singers may experience a range of vocal issues, whether it’s tone quality, voice breaks, timing, or limited range. Vocal exercises can help singers perfect their technique and improve their voice.

The app includes industry exercises including arpeggios and scales — exercises like these can help improve your vocal range! Singers can use the app to perfect their pitch, tone, and style. Features of VoCo Vocal Coach include:

  • Change playback pitch depending on voice type, (for example, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).
  • 30 arpeggios and scales to choose from.
  • Adjust the track repetitions.
  • Animations that show vocal register and pitch.

While free apps like VoCo are great for singers, there’s no substitute for working with a professional voice coach.

Warm Me Up

Warm Me Up is a vocal warm-up tool, supporting singers with their vocal needs. You can tailor the exercises to your voice type with ease. Singers can choose from 50 different vocal exercises, in various categories.

Once the app learns the singer’s style, it creates a unique warm-up. All exercises are high-quality audio, helping singers reach their full potential. Exercises include support from a professional singer, and accompaniment with a grand piano. Singer’s receive plenty of instructions to make the most of all their exercises.

Apps for Networking and Promotion


SoundCloud is a global community and streaming service. Anyone is free to upload their music and get noticed online. Musicians can connect with their fans or their favorite artists. Music fans can repost, like, and comment on their favorite tracks. SoundCloud is an amazing tool for spreading the word about your music.

The free version of sound cloud offers:

  • Musicians can share their music in a huge online community.
  • Listeners can discover emerging artists and established names.
  • SoundCloud Charts advise on the best of each genre.
  • Listeners and musicians can create playlists.
  • Artists and fans can connect in the community.
  • A huge range of genres, and podcasts too.


LoudUp is a social network based around music. The site helps fans to discover new artists and find local gigs. For independent artists, LoudUp is a fantastic promotional tool. Musicians can connect with industry professionals, other artists, and music fans.

Artists on the site are given a ‘LoudUp’ rating. When users like an artist, they can use the ‘turn me up’ feature, to give that musician a high rating. Musicians can check out the ‘Explore Menu’ to connect with labels, songwriters, producers, and more.


Using the ReverbNation site, upcoming artists can connect to labels, shows, festivals, and fans. The platform offers up-and-coming musicians access to the music industry. It’s an amazing site for artists who are looking to build their careers.

Using this platform, artists can connect with producers, labels, and other artists. With ReverbNation, musicians reach their audiences and connect with fellow musicians.


Kompoz is a music platform, helping artists, ‘collaborate with musicians across the world or across the street.’ With the help of Kompoz, musicians can work together online to create unique music. Artists can use a range of different tools to create music, including Studio One, Logic Pro, or GarageBand.

Once you’re finished, simply upload your music to Kompoz. Artists can invite new musicians to collaborate, and even crowdsource music production.


TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media sites. The platform has 1 billion + users and is available in more than 150 countries. Musicians can share videos of them performing, using these videos as a means of promotion.

The great thing about TikTok is it’s easy for talented people to get noticed and go viral. Social media platforms are an excellent way to reach a huge number of people and create a buzz around your music.

Apps for Music Production


GarageBand is a free app for music creation. Users can make, export, and share tracks, using instruments and other awesome built-in software tools. Music creators can access multi-touch features to play guitars, keyboards, and create beats. You can also plug in a bass or guitar and play your instrument through classic amps.

Musicians can record with ease, with plenty of support and easy-to-use features. The sound library allows you to access loops, sound packs, free instruments, and more. With the help of Garage Band, musicians can:

  • Use templates or create a grid from scratch.
  • Build custom loops and record directly onto a cell.
  • Access DJ effects with the help of Remix FX.
  • Capture your performance with the record button.
  • GarageBand is suitable for novice music creators or the pros.


SunVox is a robust tool for music creation. Unlike GarageBand, Sunvox is not suitable for novice music creators. The tool features a modular synth (AU), and a tracker and MIDI sequencer. It’s a cross-platform tool, with plenty of powerful features. A few of the key features of SunVox include:

  • A microtonal sequencer.
  • Advanced synth algorithms.
  • Export for Multitrack Wav.
  • Mic recording with a sampler.

There are plenty of inbuilt effects and synthesizers including Reverb & Echo, Flanger, Distortion, Pitch Detector, SpectraVoice, and more.

Sound Vox can be complex to use, however, there are so many great tutorials on YouTube. When you first start using the software, go slow, and check out all the video guides you can find. After a while, you’ll get the hang of it.

BeatMaker 3

Beat Maker 3 is a popular music production app. The tool offers a MIDI workstation and intuitive audio. Musicians can use BeatMaker to record, play and perform. With a streamlined workflow, users then shape their ideas fast and effectively.

Take your instruments and transform them into productions. There are plenty of inspirational performance features, including swing, roll, repeat, and macro controls. With the help of pads and banks, you can create your own instruments, to enhance the production process.

Other Cool Apps for Musicians

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is an awesome app for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar.

App users can access guided video tutorials, learning in a fun and engaging way. Guitar Tricks is suitable for both advanced and beginner guitar players. The ‘Core Learning System’ is the best option for beginner guitar players. The system focuses on creating music from the very start. Once users master the basics, they can move onto more advanced tutorials. There are plenty of different guitar styles to choose from including

Blues, Country and Rock.

The app includes features such as a chord finder, a scale finder, fretboard trainer, reference tuner, and video playback. The Guitar tricks app is a great support tool. For the best results, a personal guitar teacher is the way to go.

JamZone App

The Jamzone app allows musicians to use an Android device as their very own rehearsal studio. App users can select their favorite song to jam to from hundreds of different options. Jamzone has lots of cool features to explore including:

  • Multitrack Mixer: With this feature, you can adjust the volume of an instrument or select ‘solo mode’ to hear one instrument only.
  • Tap Looping: App users can create instant loops, using one section or many. Simply tap the loop you need and get playing.
  • Customized Tempo & Pitch: Using these features, it’s easy to adjust a track that’s too fast or to change a difficult key.
  • Live Lyrics & Chords: There are hundreds of different tracks to explore, including singers, musicians, lyrics, and chords.


The Coronavirus pandemic had a devastating impact on many different industries. Musicians were left with no opportunities to perform live, and music teachers have been unable to teach in person. The MeetHook app can connect musicians and music teachers, using online meetings. The app isn’t just for musicians, but for different professionals who want to share their skills. There are plenty of different categories to choose from. Apps like these help musicians to access the support they need, despite challenging times.

In Conclusion

With so many platforms and tools available, there are plenty of opportunities for musicians to learn and grow.

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