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As Social Distancing Separates, Mobile App “MeetHook” Brings Together Musicians and Students Through Live Coaching Sessions

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By: MeetHook

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MeetHook shares information about their extraordinary app designed to keep music professionals and students in touch amidst the industry challenges of social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant number of people engaging in “social distancing,” only leaving their homes to get essentials. As a result, many music teachers have experienced a decline in business from delayed or canceled lessons.

MeetHook is here with a solution. This mobile app allows musicians, students, and teachers to stay connected through one-on-one video calls.


“As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, professionals are losing money because the venues where they make their living are being closed or quarantined,” said MeetHook President, Michael Moorin. “Musicians cannot give lessons or play at festivals, teachers cannot teach at schools, and other professionals and mentors cannot support and advise the people that rely on them.”

The MeetHook platform allows musicians and teachers to continue their work during these uncertain circumstances, while still connecting on a personal level.

Users can book personalized sessions with Hosts in advance or find a Host that’s available immediately. Users can also try out different Hosts in five to 10-minute segments to find the instructor that’s the best fit.

MeetHook manages schedules and processes payments, all within the app to make it simple for the Host.

“As we struggle with the disruptive effects brought on by the coronavirus, MeetHook provides a new way to stay connected and get paid for your time – offering an all-in-one tool, which is not offered in most of the popular business platforms,” said MeetHook Founder and CEO, Anthony Citrinite.

The roster of professional Hosts on MeetHook includes such internationally recognized musicians as funk icon BOOTSY COLLINS, drummer Steve Gadd (PAUL SIMON, STEELY DAN), KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and tenor sax player Javon Jackson(ART BLAKEY, ELVIN JONES). In addition to musicians, the app also includes hosts with expertise in entertainment, business and sports, such as, former HOWARD STERN sidekick Jackie ‘the jokeman’ Martling and personal trainer and actor Talon Warburton.

“I love to mentor someone who feels the need to be mentored,” said Bootsy Collins. “if I can’t do something that can enhance what you already got, I’m not gonna mess with it!”.

Users and Hosts can join MeetHook at no charge. The app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

For more information, visit www.meethook.com or text 646-846-0226

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UPDATE (04/03/20): Read our interview with MeetHook founder Anthony Citrinite and MeetHook advisor Michael Moorin!

Head on over to MeetHook’s website or download it in the app store to learn more about this rockin’ solution!
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