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Tune-In Tuesdays #51: Round & Round by Marco DeLiso

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By: burgundy bug

“Round & Round” by Marco DeLiso cover

Source: “Round & Round” | Marco DeLiso

Poppy, snappy, and fresh, Massachusetts-based recording artist Marco DeLiso‘s latest single “Round & Round” will find its way looping around and around your playlists.

A Bit of Context…

Marco DeLiso smiling brightly in a casual, plaid, button-down shirt

Source: “Round & Round” Press Release

DeLiso is a multi-instrumentalist who utilizes music as a platform for expression.

“Stylistically, DeLiso’s music is groovy, flush with vocal harmony and presented with levity, bringing people together where they can be themselves and laugh at his silly presentation.”

“Round & Round” Press Release

He got his first “taste for music” when his parents encouraged him to explore the art at just five-years-old, says a press release for DeLiso’s single “Round & Round.” His participation in choir throughout his education taught him about vocal harmonies and improvisation, which still serve his work today.

“Round & Round” by Marco DeLiso

Diving right in with snaps and clicks, the listener is hit with a pop of energy before a wave of chill guitar strings coast them into DeLiso’s smooth, immersive vocals.

DeLiso’s harmonies are further highlighted by the quirky piano track that dances around him during the first verse.

The track is packaged in a way that masquerades in catchiness and simplicity – but in reality, it’s complex and everchanging. The guitars fill in for pianos during the second verse and the bridge is a synth-pop haven of sound fx and vocal harmonies.

The outro pulls “Round & Round” together delicately with sweet acoustics as DeLiso sings, “We’re capable of greatness, guaranteed–.”

“The single narrates the importance of self-acceptance and welcoming one’s own internal identity instead of accepting it from the external world,” the press release describes.

All-in-all, DeLiso’s delivery is a unique and transformative take on indie-pop that will leave you moving, grooving, pumped up, and ready to take on the day.

Give “Round & Round” a listen on Spotify and Apple Music.
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