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Tune-In Tuesdays #67 BONUS: “Suffocation & Air” by Treasure

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By: burgundy bug

“Suffocation & Air” by Treasure EP cover

Source: Suffocation & Air | Treasure

Soulful, silky, and smooth, indie artist Treasure’s new EP “Suffocation & Air” is a nostalgic serenade and synthy lullaby rolled into nine funkadelic tracks.

A Bit of Context…

Treasure dangles somberly from a red, metal staircase, as he’s adorned in a yellow shirt and pair of red overalls

Source: Treasure

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, HOMESHAKE, and Choker, Treasure has painted his own harmonious rendition of contemporary funk and soul.

“Treasure wears his emotions on his sleeve,” says the press release for ‘Suffocation & Air.’ “He transverses his musical world with this heightened sense of vulnerability, creating a space where he and the listener can rest at ease with no fear of judgment.”

“Suffocation & Air” by Treasure

While each track on “Suffocation & Air” adds its own unique element to the album and has the ability to stand alone as a smooth edition to your chill-out playlist, listening to the EP in its entirety as one 26-minute song is the most effective way to immerse yourself in Treasure’s hypnotic sound.

“Suffocation & Air” is atmospheric with an undoubtle presence. Treasure’s vocals float over the heavy, wavy instrumentals with a weightless grace to them.

The production is beautiful, harmonious, and trance-inducing. Each track seems to melt into one another, slowly, almost seductively.

Vibe wise, “Suffocation & Air” is the perfect soundtrack for a slow, sunset waltz through the countryside, a night of soul searching, or pillow talk with your lover.

You & I” serves as an elegant introduction to the experience evoked by “Suffocation & Air,” while “Feeling Like I’m Not Worth a Thing” gives the user a peaceful space to reflect upon the EP as it draws to a close.

Overall, Treasure’s latest EP is a slice of ethereal, tranquil bliss with a particular sonic allure. Dim the lights, kick back, and drown out the world with “Suffocation & Air” in your headphones for a much-needed half-hour of musical meditation.

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