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Tune-In Tuesdays #81 BONUS: Quarantine Song by Marcelyn

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By: burgundy bug

“Quarantine Song” by Marcelyn

Source: Quarantine Song | Marcelyn

Local indie-electric band Marcelyn candidly reflects on the bizarre gridlock the world has found itself in with their latest single, “Quarantine Song.”

A Bit of Context

“Marcelyn, the band is something both fragile and deadly with a heavy helping of kick-ass.”


The Philly-based group consists of vocalist Marcelyn Lebovitz, her brother and bassist Mike Lebovits, and Travis Martin on drums.

Shortly after announcing the release of their upcoming album “Monstrous Existence” on Instagram, Marcelyn released the music video for their latest single, “Quarantine Song.”

Quarantine Song by Marcelyn

“Quarantine Song” by Marcelyn music video

Source: Quarantine Song (Official Music Video) | Marcelyn

The listener is introduced to “Quarantine Song” with an emotive ukulele that bears somewhat melancholy undertones. It’s soft, slow.

In just a few chords, Marcelyn emits a candid vulnerability that mirrors how these last few months have felt. The gentle drum-beat and ukulele play off one another ever so gracefully, as well.

Not to mention, Marcelyn’s vocals are absolutely stunning. Her ability to glide through and stretch each note into the next leaves your arms bedazzled in goose bumps.

And don’t even get me started on her kimono. The outfits throughout the “Quarantine Song” music video are incredible, but the scenes shot at the SEPTA station are my personal favorites.

The guitar that kicks on during the chorus breathes a second life into the single that amplifies the enigmatic fugue quarantine has left the world in.

“No one knows anything,
No one does anything,
No one’s safe and nobody can hide,
But we try.”

— “Quarantine Song” by Marcelyn

There are parts of the ukulele throughout the pre-chorus and chorus that also remind me a bit of the “Stardew Valley” soundtrack. It’s casual, peaceful, and rural… Or perhaps I’ve just been playing too much “Stardew Valley” during quarantine.

The outro is another highlight of “Quarantine Song.” The harmonies as Marcelyn sings, “Take me outside, feel the sunshine,” really hit home. Each round resonates deep within your chest.

Overall, Marcelyn’s latest single is a raw, introspective, and delicate reflection on these unprecedented times and the unforeseeable future.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear their next album, “Monstrous Existence,” this September!

Give Marcelyn‘s “Quarantine Song” a listen on Spotify and watch the music video on YouTube now!
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