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Tune-In Tuesdays #84 BONUS: The Unfamiliar by Anna Wolf feat. Pop Morrison

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By: burgundy bug

“The Unfamiliar” by Anna Wolf feat. Pop Morrison

Source: The Unfamiliar | Anna Wolf

Singer-songwriter Anna Wolf and music producer Pop Morrison tip-toe gracefully down listener’s spines with their eerie new single, “The Unfamiliar,” which is the title track for an indie-horror film.

A Bit of Context…

Multi-award winning artist Wolf and producer Pop Morrison (a.k.a Jamie Morrison) combined their musical geniuses for this haunting, cinematic piece after watching “The Unfamiliar” film with its director and co-writer Henk Pretorius.

“We took a metaphorical approach with it to convey the forever-building eerie tone of the film,” Wolf says in the press release for the single. “The lyrically-driven song also pays homage to the nostalgia that the film evoked in me as a fan of ‘The Shining’ and Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho.'”

“The Unfamiliar” is a film set in the United Kingdom and Hawaii. It’s centered around Elizabeth “Izzy” Cormack, a British Army doctor played by Jemima West, as she returns home from the war and attempts to reconnect with her family.

“Alarmed by the numerous inexplicable activities around the house, Izzy seeks ineffectual professional help before confiding in her husband,” the press release explains. “He believes that she is going through PTSD and advises her to rest and recuperate in Hawaii. It’s there that she gets sucked into the underworld of Hawaiian mythology, as she attempts to piece together the elaborate and elegant puzzle to reveal an ancient and terrifying spiritual presence haunting her family.”

The Unfamiliar by Anna Wolf feat. Pop Morrison

Source: THE UNFAMILIAR Official Music Video – Anna Wolf ft. Pop Morrison | Dark Matter Studios

Ethereal and otherworldly, Wolf and Morrison entrance the listener with their vocals and strings as they appear before in a dream-like haze.

Both of their performances are truly beautiful. Wolf’s voice is sweet yet haunting, and the delicate nature of Morrison’s strings emphasize the enchanting quality of their dynamic.

Even as Wolf hums during the pre-chorus, you’re caught between feeling soothed by her talent and unnerved by what it may foreshadow in the context of a horror-film’s soundtrack.

The anticipation evoked by her vocals bears resemblance to the infamous twins in “The Shining.” They seem so innocent in their matching baby-blue gowns — but we all know what comes next.

Lisa and Louise Burns saying, “Come Play With Us” in “The Shining”

Source: GIPHY

The clips from “The Unfamiliar” film are laced throughout the music video perfectly. It complements the mood of the track and teases the film’s plot without giving too much away. You’re left on the edge of your seat, eager to see more.

Overall, “The Unfamiliar” is moving both lyrically and sonically. The single and the music video have a spectral, shadowy quality to them, but the delivery is so gentle and elegant.

Wolf’s vocals are nothing short of breathtaking and Morrison’s production is incredible. I truly hope the two collaborate again in the future, as they make such a great duo.

And after hearing “The Unfamiliar,” I absolutely can’t wait to see the film.

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