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Tune-In Tuesdays #84: Greysha on “Life Goes Fluently”

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By: burgundy bug

UK-based singer-songwriter Greysha chillin’


As passionate as she is personable, UK-based singer-songwriter Greysha captivates listeners as she explores her own emotions throughout the stories in her music.

Recently, we spoke with Greysha via Zoom to learn more about her latest single, “Life Goes Fluently.” We also discussed her musical roots and upcoming projects.

Tell me a little about yourself and your music

I’m Greysha — my real name’s Grace Keeling, I changed my name a couple of months ago. I live in the UK. I’m from Shropshire, which is a little farm county.

Music-wise, I focus my writing on love, growing up, and kind of exploring life, exploring the emotions that you get from experiences.

What are some of your core values, both personally and musically?

Personally, the main one is being kind. I think it’s very important in life to treat people how you want to be treated.

In terms of music, I do focus on love and exploring life. Those are my main values.

Tell me a little about your recent name change. What made you decide to go with Greysha instead of your full name?

I went through a phase of literally trying to find a name. I could not find a name. I have notes and notes on my phone of ideas!

I actually came up with the name Greysha awhile ago. I didn’t like it at first but then I grew to it.

Do you know the films X-Men?

Yeah! Yeah!

So, I love Jean Grey. I was kind of inspired by the whole superhero/powers sort of thing. I got the “Grey” from that, then I was trying to find suffixes and I was like, “OOOH! ‘Greysha,’ that’s cool.”

I love it! So, I read in another interview that you grew up in a very musical family. Could you tell me a little more about that? What type of music did you grow up around?

My mom plays loads of instruments — like, drums, piano, and violin. She’s always had quite a big musical influence on me.

My sister plays drums and my grandmother plays the organ, so I grew up with a lot of music around me and I’ve always had music lessons. It’s kind of a thing that’s always been there.

What are some of your favorite instruments to play?

I actually play the flute! I have played the flute before [laughs]. I don’t play the flute anymore recently, but I play guitar. In my tracks I play guitar a lot and I do vocals.

The flute is so cool because you don’t always hear that. As a kid — I don’t know if they do it over there in the UK, but at my school they threw a music class at you. They gave us those recorders and let me just tell you I could really knock it out on that.


When they let us play the real instruments, I wanted to stick with something similar but I also really liked Squidward — and my mom played the clarinet when she was a kid.

Oh my gosh, those enforced music lessons, they were just like, “Right, you ARE playing in the school band” [laughs].

Right!? Like, “You ARE in the school band and now you’re 10-years-old playing the clarinet” [laughs]. “And this clarinet is like the size of your body” — OR you see those kids with the big harps

Or the big tubas!

And you’re like, “AH, THEIR LITTLE LUNGS!” So, how long have you been performing for and what inspired you to start pursuing music as a career?

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I started performing around 14, but the thing that really influenced me to go down music was genuinely the artists I would listen to. Especially Lana Del Rey.

The lyrics and the music just stands out. It empowers and relates, and that’s really just what I wanted to do with my own creations. To put that onto other people and get them to feel what I experienced. I thought it was so cool.

What I love about artists like Lana Del Rey or Marina and the Diamonds (especially with the “Electra Heart” album) is they’re very cinematic with how they present their music

It’s like a story! That’s what I love, it’s a story but in music.

Yes, and it’s awesome to have that influence. How has music helped you find your voice and grow as a person?

I get very inspired by other people, so I like to write about other people.

But as myself, writing has helped me figure out who I am.


It’s weird, because I’ll write a song, I’ll record it, and then a month later I’ll listen back to it like, “Oh wait, THAT’S what I was getting at!”

So I do find stuff out about myself, but it usually comes after I’ve written it… Which is kind of odd.

It’s like your subconscious intent, like psychoanalyzing your own work and realizing, “DAMN that was pretty deep!” So, give me a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your writing and recording process

Writing-wise, I usually write down the lyrics first. I’ll get an idea, whip out my phone, and write down some lyrics in my notes.

Music-wise, I usually start with guitars and then build over that with drums or something else. I’ll typically do vocals last to piece them together on top of everything else.

Tell me a little about your debut single, “Life Goes Fluently.” What does the track mean to you as the artist behind it — especially now that you’ve had some time to reflect on it.

It’s a song that’s a reflection of life, really. Just the realization that whatever pain or hardship you’re going through, life goes on — and it’s effortless. It’s just finding the beauty in that.


What do you hope listeners take away from the single as they have that realization?

I want them to realize that. Like, to understand that it’s okay to feel pain and hardship, just understand that life goes on and you will be okay.

I wanted to take those feelings and just put them at bay a little bit.

Overall, how do you hope to impact your listeners?

In my music, I want to tell a story. Whatever aspect or theme that is, I want the listeners to take their interpretation of it and relate it into their own lives.

I want them to take it in their own way and have it mean whatever they want it to mean to them.

What are some of your overarching goals, both personally and musically? Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?

Personally, I genuinely just want to understand myself a little bit better. I want to feel one with myself at some point in my life — who knows when that’ll be [laughs].

But musically, I want to keep going on this journey to do what I set out to do, which is to relate with people and give them a story.

In terms of goals, I want to be successful with that. I don’t know what it’ll be or how it’s going to happen, but as long as I’m doing that I think I’m happy.

I heard that you’re working on a pretty big project. Could you tell me a little more about it or is everything still on the downlow?

I’m trying to keep it low a little bit, but I can say that I’m releasing a website very soon. It’s been so hard, you have no idea.

From then on, I’ll be releasing some music and some music videos.

Awesome! What are you most excited about with your next releases?

Honestly, for people to listen to it. They’ve been kept in my phone and laptop for so long, I can’t wait for the people to hear it now.

What can listeners look forward to seeing from you, in terms of topics or themes?

Well, I’ve got this website coming out. I’ve got some vlogs coming out, as well, so you can see some behind-the-scenes stuff. That’s what’s going to be coming out in the next couple months.

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