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Tune-In Tuesdays #89: It Ain’t Easy by Mog Jones

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By: burgundy bug

“It Ain’t Easy” by Mog Jones

Source: It Ain’t Easy | Mog Jones

UK-based singer-songwriter Mog Jones puts a new-age spin on glam-rock with her latest, melodic and introspective single, “It Ain’t Easy.”

A Bit of Context…

Jones has been rockin’ up the Cornwall music scene since she was just 16-years-old. In addition to playing local gigs, Jones has performed at the Boardmasters Festival and opened for artists including Albert Lee and Leo Sayer.

Stylistically, Jones’ sound is a “culmination of glam-rock and country with a pinch of post-punk attitude,” the press release says. The singer-songwriter draws inspiration from ’70s icons such as The Beatles, Dolly Parton, and Stevie Nicks to cultivate her incredibly unique, charming, soft-rock sound.

“It Ain’t Easy” is Jones’ second single leading up to her forthcoming album, which is slated for release this spring.

“‘It Ain’t Easy’ is for me a track that sums up the craziness of 2020,” Jones explains. “It’s been a wild year in so many ways and I just wanted to write a song that brought all of it together, in a little, fun package.”

It Ain’t Easy by Mog Jones

Counting in on a steady drumbeat, “It Ain’t Easy” kicks off the first verse with rich, rhythmic guitars and Jones’ angelic vocals.

The pace, style, and content of the song feel like the anthem for a chilled-out revolution. Its vibe is on-par with that of “Come Together” by The Beatles.

As the song progresses towards the chorus, the introduction of additional drum layers add dimension and weight to the track. If you were already tapping your foot along, you’ll inevitably find yourself swaying back and forth as the pace picks up.

The chorus is sonically gentle and lyrically honest. Jones’ vocals are gorgeous and the subtle harmonies truly highlight the power behind her voice.

“It Ain’t Easy” remains consistent, steady, and reliable from start to finish. It’s raw, organic style is authentically ’70s and authentically iconic.

Every component of the track feels so perfectly simple yet so deep. Subtle nuances — such as the drum progression and vocal harmonies — give “It Ain’t Easy” an atmospheric sound that reverberates straight to your heart.

If you need a strong, politically-charged, yet soothing song to help you get out your feelings about 2021, “It Ain’t Easy” is the track for you.

Give Mog Jones’ “It Ain’t Easy” a listen now on Spotify!
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