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Vladimir Kush Makes Waves With His Latest Masterpiece, “In Full Sail”

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By: burgundy bug

“In Full Sail” by Vladimir Kush

Source: Kush Fine Art Galleries

Artist Vladimir Kush is making waves with his latest piece of “Metamorpic Realism,” titled “In Full Sail” at the Caesars Palace Kush Fine Art Galleries in Last Vegas, Nev.

“In Full Sail” truly captivates the viewer with its enchanting use of dragonflies for the sail of the boat, the colors are soothing, and each brush stroke is unbelievably smooth.

Earlier this week, we spoke to Kush Fine Art Galleries marketing director Jorge Barrera-Galindo via email to learn more about their three gallery locations and Kush’s “In Full Sail.”

Tell us a little about the Kush Fine Art Gallery in Las Vegas.

Kush Fine Art Gallery in Las Vegas embarks you on a Metaphorical Voyage into a world of the unknown, to a place where you only have to start noticing around you, and the miracle of connection is everywhere!

Kush Fine Art Galleries marketing director Jorge Barrera-Galindo

Kush Fine Art is one of a kind art gallery in the industry of fine art, featuring the unique collection of original paintings, prints, drawings, jewelry, art, books, bronze and silver sculptures.

Visiting any of our galleries will be the highlight and ultimate destination for anyone who maintains imagination, intellect, and exquisite taste for all genres of art.

This luxury and innovative art is the feast for the eyes and the food for the intellect. When you visit Kush Fine Art, you will be served with warmth and an eye for your unique style as you seek the perfect piece to add to your collection.

What inspired Kush Fine Art to open up its galleries in Las Vegas, Nev; Maui, Hawaii; and Laguna Beach, Calif?

As an artist and entrepreneur he knew once he reached a point in his artistic career, it was time to start displaying his art in a different way, and providing the customers a metaphorical journey and new experience on how to define the imperceptible by discovering and exploring inside Kush Fine Art.

Our first gallery in Maui was definitely an exciting time and lots of great memories, challenging decisions but most of all, a lot of great support from family, close friends, and always his customers of course.

He then decided it was time to bring Kush Fine Art to the mainland and he did, opening locations in California and Las Vegas. We are now celebrating our 10th Anniversary in Las Vegas inside the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace.

Our Kush Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, Calif is one of the most visited galleries in the West Coast and a must see for all visitors.

Vladimir Kush has been represented by many different galleries all over the world, but the wholesale has come to an end and is now almost exclusively purchased through Kush Fine Art Galleries.

Is all of the artwork inside of the gallery by Kush or are other artists featured, as well?

All of the art displayed by Kush Fine Art Galleries is only by one artist, Vladimir Kush.

Actually, Vladimir Kush is one of the very few artists in the world that has several galleries displaying only his artwork and Kush Fine Art will only keep growing as new generations are arising and the artist keeps painting.

Kush Fine Art Galleries marketing director Jorge Barrera-Galindo

We are the most unique art gallery in the world. We combine different genres and customers have to switch their perception when they look through our collections of paintings, bronze and silver sculptures, and our unique jewelry collection.

That’s what makes a visit to our gallery such a special journey.

Could you tell us more about “In Full Sail?”

“In Full Sail” will also be available in a limited edition sublimation on metal, making this artwork Vladimir Kush’s biggest sublimation on metal to this date.

But let me tell you more about In Full Sail:

The fantasy element in the painting is undeniable: the wings and bodies of the giant dragonflies form all the very ship, its sails, and more unexpectedly, its masts! We see clearly the ‘sailors’ sliding swiftly up and down as they set the unusual sails at the captain’s command. We see those fantastic sails shining with a cold luster and a seasoned navigator at the bow watching closely for any suspicious maneuvers of the other ships out at sea. Strengthening the sense of an intense vigil is the ‘oculus’ wings on both sides of the rostrum!

Fantasy Ghost Ship

Appears in the poem Airship by Mikhail Lermontov describing a fanciful journey and miraculous posthumous apparition of Emperor Napoleon who died and was buried on the island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean in 1821.

The story mentions a ghost-ship that is speeding to its shores every year on the anniversary of the deposed monarch’s death.

The Flying Dutchman (De Vliegende Hollander)

A legendary ghost ship that is doomed to sail forever, never making it to the shore. It is usually seen from afar, sometimes in a halo of light.

According to the legend, when the Flying Dutchman comes across another vessel, its crew tries to communicate and send messages ashore addressed to the people who have been long gone. Such a meeting was regarded as a bad omen among the seafarers.

Cutty Sark

The word ‘sark’ is Scots for ‘short chemise,’ and cutty suggests that it is far too short. The nickname refers to the famous Scottish witch Nannie Dee whose figure is gracing the bow of the vessel (a half-naked young woman clutching a horse’s tail).

The owner John Willis decided to use it for a new clipper he ordered after seeing a painting of a young flying witch in a nightie – the heroine of the poem Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns.

What impression do you get from the piece?

The world-recognized artist defines the imperceptible and embarks us to set sail on a metaphorical voyage with his new masterpiece.

Kush reflects the world in the mirror of the metaphor, which leaves the mind open to grasp onto the hidden likeness of things and events. Metaphor has no limits!

Have you overheard any other visitor reactions to “In Full Sail?”

Yes, we actually have, and our customers and social media following, who come from all over the world, always grace us with their kind words.

An interesting fact is a similar painting by Vladimir Kush in 1999 called “Departure of the Winged Ship” has been mistaken as if created by Salvador Dali.

“Departure of the Winged Ship” by Vladimir Kush

Source: Kush Fine Art Galleries

In “Departure of the Winged Ship” the butterflies were sitting on the mast and now on “In Full Sail” the dragonflies are the mast themselves.

What else can you tell us about Kush Fine Art in Las Vegas?

The celebration of our 10th Anniversary at Caesars Palace is a milestone for us after strategically relocating three times. As a self-sustained, one of a kind art gallery recognized by Caesars Palace, in par with all other major high-end brands, Kush Fine Art is a permanent resident inside The Forum Shops.

Next year, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of [Kush Fine Art Galleries in] Maui.

Visit Kush Fine Art Galleries’ website to learn more about visiting their locations in Nevada, California, and Hawaii.
Be sure to follow Kush Fine Art Galleries on Facebook to keep up with Kush’s latest artwork.

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