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Weekly Newsletter #16: “Hoppy” Easter

By: burgundy bug

Easter bunny head drawing

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Happy Easter!

We began this week with a review of Cresco’s Harlequin 1:1 before tuning into the upcoming UK-based musician, KEEF.

Then, we checked out the highlights from Sakura Sunday, celebrated 4/20 in the city of brotherly love, and went dived into the history of cannabis use.

Weekly Recap

On Sunday, XtaSeay and I reviewed Cresco’s Harlequin 1:1 medicinal marijuana sap concentrate for our Strain of the Week series.

On Tuesday, we tuned in for a special interview with KEEF, a UK-based indie musician whose debut single goes live across all major streaming platforms tomorrow.

Then, we went over a few highlights from Sakura Sunday, the annual cherry blossom festival in Philadelphia, Pa, on P³.

On Saturday, we went over how to celebrate the counterculture “cannabis holiday” 4/20 in Philadelphia legally and responsibly.

We also went over the history of cannabis use, spanning as far back as it’s use in ancient civilizations.

Going Forward

Going forward, there will be a Tune-In Tuesday as well as a What in the World Wednesday this week, as well as more content based around the theme of cannabis. However, XtaSeay and I’s Strain of the Week will be postponed until next Sunday.

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