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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Millennials’ Sex Lives by Peter

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By: Peter

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Peter of Joyful Source explores how the sex lives of an entire generation are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Few might be openly discussing the issue, but we’re all thinking it: are people really having all the sex in the world simply because they’re sitting at home for hours on end? For Millennials, this is a far more complex question than satisfying a physical need.

It delves deep into the mindset of an entire generation of stress-exhausted individuals, some of whom have just started their families. Others, however, try to find joy and relief in pleasurable explorations with their partners. Here’s an approximate tally.

The Perception of Intimacy During the Pandemic

The excitement of new love is incomparable to all other states of mind. In that fresh buzz of belly-butterflies, people often immerse themselves into the attraction they feel, while their sexual energy is in its prime.

Millennials who’ve had their early bonding cut short by the pandemic can attest to the fact that this new situation can give you a brand-new perspective on getting to know one another. Suddenly, the idea of courtship, albeit digital in this situation, is once again springing back to life, and Millennial couples are transforming the notion of intimacy during the crisis.

Sexting and Digital Dating

Perhaps the idea of sending nudes and exchanging saucy texts seemed off-putting for some, but as they say, desperate times. The lockdown paired with the “stay home” rule in most countries has brought on a surge in the trend to keep the heat alive and well among Millennial couples everywhere.

Add to that, digital dating with the help of apps such as Tinder is also on the rise, as singletons need to find creative ways to beat loneliness during the pandemic while staying safe.

Playfulness and Creative Solutions on the Rise

While some struggle to cope with a lack of libido due to stress, others use the lockdown time for pushing bedroom boundaries and exploring the realms of pleasure, both in couples and single people. Perhaps this is one of the most effective ways to beat the COVID-19 stress and help Millennials make the most of it.

Much like dating apps have found their way into our daily lives, exploring an online adult shop with a varied repertoire of toys and costumes provides a safe harbor for the sexual curiosity of those staying at home.

No time like the present to leave the sexual comfort zone for Millennial couples and those in need of rekindling their flame. This strategy seems to provide the right balance of excitement and stress-relief in one go for the modern Millennial.

Self-Pleasuring to the Rescue

We fingers adorned in Posh Silicone Finger Swirls grips a banana

Source: Posh Silicone Finger Swirls Review | Chic Sex Shop

For some, the use of Zoom and other conferencing tools goes beyond family chitchat, as it actually enables adult playdates remotely. Are these platforms too happy about it? Far from it. But this opens up a whole new dimension of sexuality in the modern world amidst the social distancing restrictions.

While not all Millennials are open to such extraverted expressions of sexuality, especially online and in front of others, couples are certainly using their video chats to keep their relationships aflame from afar.

Then again, even without the virtual world in the mix, masturbation is certainly on the rise among all, Millennials included.

COVID-19 as the Contraceptive

Some time ago, posts about a potential post-pandemic baby boom have overflown the social media, and as cute as that sounds, experts expect quite the opposite to occur. As if Millennial parents don’t have enough on their plates already with student debt still hanging over their heads, losing employment due to the crisis, and atop of it all, they’re spending vast amounts of time with their anxious, agitated, confused kids.

In the past few years, news outlets have informed us of a drop in the use of contraceptive pills among Millennial women. Today, we’re looking at a unique stress trigger that causes people to feel anxious, bombarded by death toll rates online, and let’s not get into the lack of sleep, financial stability, and the rest.

For some Millennial families, the ongoing crisis is bound to become a marital crisis, too, one that has already impacted their sexual desire. Hopefully, we’ll soon see a solution that will help Millennial families bounce back, preferably into the sack, to restore their intimacy.

The extent of the pandemic’s long-term impact is yet to be seen or fully comprehended, but for the time being, one major part of our personal, intimate lives is certainly changing. For some, that means less sex. For others, it’s an opportunity to get to know their own bodies, minds, and discover new ways to build up pleasure.

As a curious generation, Millennials are consistently looking for ways to find more pleasure in this genuinely less than pleasing situation, and it seems that some of their strategies have plenty of potentials to improve their sex lives for the long haul.

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