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Save Money While Saving the Planet: How to Cool Off Without an Air Conditioner

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By: burgundy bug

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Amidst an era of rising temperatures and “firenados,” running your air conditioner isn’t such a guilt-free luxury. And it’s not exactly cheap, either.

According to the Climate Institute, 20 percent of the total electricity used in buildings around the globe goes towards air conditioners and electric fans.

“Cooling makes up more than 70 percent of peak residential energy demand in parts of the United States and Middle East on the hottest days,” the Climate Institute says. “Increasing electric power demands will place a greater strain on electric systems, potentially requiring costly repairs and maintenance efforts in the years to come. On top of that, much of the energy used for cooling will be generated by burning more carbon emitting coal and oil.”

The issue places us in a horrid paradox: the weather’s warmer, so we run the AC like there’s no tomorrow — and at these rates of cooling and climate change, maybe there won’t be a tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we attempt to cool down, but our excessive air condition use plays a hand in warming the planet even further… Thus, increasing the desire for air conditioning even more.

Not to mention, central air units cost about $3.70 per day to run, which comes out to $110.88 to $245.00 a month (depending on the size of your house), says an article by The Nest.

Window units aren’t much better in terms of cost, either. At a rate of about $1.52 per day, a high-powered window unit will cost you $45.60 per month — and that’s just the cost for cooling one room.

So, what can you do to save money and save the planet? Well, experts at Home Living Lab put a few eco-friendly alternatives to the test.

From fans to frozen bed sheets, and drinking “lots of water” to taking cold showers with cooling soaps, Home Living Lab explored the most effective ways to cool down without an air conditioner.

Read the full article on Home Living Lab to find out how you can cool down while saving money and saving the planet!

Head on over to the Home Living Lab’s blog for more vital home improvement and lifestyle tips!

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