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The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science

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Articles Featured

  1. Advertise With The Burgundy Zine
  2. National Immunization Awareness Month
  3. September is National Honey Month
  4. AI Joins the Fight Against COVID-19
  5. Ada Lovelace, First Computer Programmer by Saima Baig
  6. An Abbreviated History of Neuroscience
  7. Artist Spotlight: Naolito
  8. Perseverance Has Reached the Stars, Seven Months Until it Hits Mars
  9. What is the Solar Cycle?
  10. The Remote Learning Accessibility Crisis
  11. Are You Vegan? Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B-12?
  12. Artist Spotlight: Tessa T.
  13. How Online Counseling Can Help You Manage Quarantine Mood Swings
  14. Should You See a Counselor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist?
  15. Every Brain is Different: How to Seek the Right Form of Counseling
  16. Teens and the Impact of Sleep on Mental Health by My Slumber Yard
  17. Artist Spotlight: Continue 2 by Teri Anderson
  18. Glitters in the Sky by Mahik’s
  19. It Might Rain Today by Liliana E. Guzmán
  20. Chlorophyll Breaks Down
  21. How Your Business Can Help the Environment by Rosalyn L.
  22. Rosalyn L. Farmer Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business
  23. Why Did Some Dinosaurs Have Cancer?
  24. Artist Spotlight: @bagelwhalee
  25. Today is Earth Overshoot Day. Here’s How to Honor It
  26. What’s the Buzz About Bees? by Chic Sex Shop
  27. Tips For Hiking With Your Dog by Pups Pal
  28. How to Find Hiking Trails by Brian
  29. How Many Calories do You Burn Playing Basketball? by Dunk Or Three
  30. How to Perform Yoga Backbends by Fitness For Non-Athletes
  31. Best DNA Test Kits – Results Revealed, Compared, Analyzed & Explained by The DNA Tests
  32. 15 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise (Illustrated) by Join Your Gym
  33. A Millennial’s Guide to Owning a Car by Peter
  34. Global Coffee Statistics: Who Drinks the Most Coffee? by Coffee In My Veins
  35. How Millennials Ruined the Dating Scene by Peter
  36. Three Ways to Know You Chose the Wrong Career by Artur Meyster
  37. Falling in Love by Chic Sex Shop
  38. 5 Fashion Items Every Business Man Should Own by Peter
  39. A Journalist’s Guide to Successfully Interviewing Anybody
  40. Inactive Drug Additives May Have Unwarranted Effects
  41. Tune-In Tuesdays #86 BONUS: AFTYN Share Intimate Details of Their Latest LP
  42. iLiveYouToo Supports Musicians and Venues Through Cutting-Edge Virtual Performances
  43. Tune-In Tuesdays #81: Josie Proto on Her Chart-Topping Debut and TikTok Success
  44. Tune-In Tuesdays #82: PHNTMS Guitarist on Their Latest Single, “Honesty”
  45. Tune-In Tuesdays #83: Cat Dail on “Red Pill”
  46. Tune-In Tuesdays #84: Greysha on “Life Goes Fluently”
  47. Tune-In Tuesdays #86: Thompson Springs’ Matt Smith on Their Debut Album, “Undertones”
  48. Tune-In Tuesdays #87: Blue Stragglers Vocalist Lee Martin on Their Self-Titled EP
  49. 3 Years
  50. Bug’s Philosophy: Adulthood
  51. Should You Wear a Face Mask During Sex Right Now? by Chic Sex Shop


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