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Tune-In Tuesdays #93: Indie Band Borito Warms Listeners with their Debut Album “What We Have Now”

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By: burgundy bug

Group photo of Tel Aviv Indie-pop band Borito

Source: Borito

Sweet as a peach, warm as a summer’s day, and just as refreshing as a tall glass of lemonade, Tel Aviv-based indie-pop band Borito’s debut album is out now — and it’s among one of the brightest, most uplifting releases we’ve heard to date.

“Inviting you to our time machine [with] an album that takes you back to your summer vacation,” the band said via email. “Especially now that we want to remind the listeners about the sweetness in life.”

Right off the bat, the album gets off to a warm and sunny start with “Song for Dawn.” It’s a beautiful indie track featuring relaxed melodies a wavy, groovy bass, and soft, sinfully sweet vocals.

Each song proceeding the intro is a splash of color and burst of creativity, brimming with ’70s psychedelic rock and ’90s grunge influences.

Face” and “Sugar” have much slower, sultry rhythms, and they do an excellent job showcasing singer Yael Copeland’s vocal range, as well.

Meanwhile, “Child” and “Nice & Slowly” really drive home the image and style of the album with their vibrance, intrigue, and nostalgic, summery sounds.

If pastel t-shirts, cut-off acid-wash denim shorts, solo jazz cups (a.k.a. those water ice cups with a squiggle on them), cotton candy, butterfly hair clips, and Tamagotchi were an album, it would be “What We Have Now.”

Overall, each track is brilliantly executed. From the inventive use of the tambourine on “Song For Dawn” to the incredible guitars and bass throughout the entire album, you can truly tell the band put their heart and soul into every song,

Copeland’s vocals also capture the album’s aesthetic and complement the instrumentals on “What We Have Now” perfectly.

The talents of each member come together synergistically and harmoniously, playing off of one another to create a fluid, immersive listening experience.

The band has already received international attention for “What We Have Now.” Currently, their songs are being broadcast across radio stations in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, South Korea, and Israel.

You can stream the entire album now on Spotify or YouTube.

“What We Have Now” by Borito (full album)

Source: What we Have Now // Borito | Borito

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