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Tune-In Tuesdays #96: Orion ft. Joe Bernie by Peak Futures

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By: burgundy bug

“Orion” by Peak Futures ft. Joe Bernie

Source: Orion | Peak Futures

London-based soul music collective Peak Futures takes listeners on a journey through the stars with their slick, out-of-this-world single, “Orion.”

A Bit of Context…

Black & white group photo of Peak Futures

Source: Peak Futures

Peak Futures was founded by guitarist and bassist Chris Hills and features:

  • Sarah De Santis (piano)
  • Joe Bernie (vocals)
  • Pauli the PSM (drums)
  • Eva Brooks (backing vocals)
  • Rebecca Freckleton (backing vocals)

The group was formed during Hills’ return from New York in 2019 after he bumped into De Santis and Bernie, the press release for “Orion” explains.

“I had a bunch of ideas that they just transformed into living, breathing songs as soon as we started working together. Once we got demos down I knew that bringing in Pauli and Tom on drums would add another dimension.”


“As the second single to be taken from their upcoming album, ‘Colours of the Sun,’ Peak Futures’ latest offering, ‘Orion’ is an exciting new insight into what the band’s first full-length project has in store,” the press release continues. “Steeped in arcane lyricism that’s complex yet equally compelling, Orionponders the big questions in life, casually dissecting existential dread over haunting synth lines and plucky strings.”

“Orion” also has samples from NASA’s study of Saturn weaved throughout the track, further amplifying the spacey atmosphere of “Orion” and its music video.

Orion ft. Joe Bernie by Peak Futures Review

The delicate strings in the intro gently caress the listener while simultaneously building suspense and intrigue, priming the stage so the drum track can slide in with ease.

Instrumentals continue to layer upon each other seamlessly, with new elements trickling in from either side of your headphones.

Not to mention, the guitar loop throughout “Orion” is down-right badass. There’s something so sleek and gritty about the riff, it makes you feel like a villainous mastermind plotting out your grandest scheme. Or a jet-setting businesswoman setting Wall Street ablaze.

Either way, the guitar loop is empowering and it’s everything that I need in my life right now.

But the show really cranks into full gear as Bernie’s vocals start up. There’s so much power and oomph in his delivery, it’s perfect for “Orion.”

Each verse mirrors each other, starting with the line “Some say I’m sentimental / difficult to shape” in verse one, and “Some say I’m existential / well I’m glad if that’s the case” in verse two.

And the chorus is deep, meaningful, yet catchy:

“Curious to learn the limits of our kin,
How we live and how we die,
Push the borders of our minds,
Limitless the space we’re floating in,
I wanna walk amongst the stars,
Walk with me.”

— “Orion” by Peak Futures

The guitar during the bridge has an energy level on par with Bowser’s Castle, yet it smoothly simmers back down to the roots of the song: delicate, plucky strings and spacey synths.

Overall, “Orion” by Peak Futures is meticulously orchestrated, and their mastery shows in the excellence of their execution.

Peak Futures manage to take listeners on a symphonic, gnarly rocket launch into the vastness of outer space without them ever having to leave their seats — all through the power of their collective musical abilities. And it’s incredibly aspirational.

“Orion” by Peak Futures (ft. Joe Bernie) music video

Source: Peak Futures (feat. Joe Bernie) – Orion | Community Laundry Records

We can’t wait to hear what the band has in store for their upcoming album, “Colours of the Sun.”

Give Peak Futures’ “Orion” a listen on Spotify or watch the music video on YouTube now!
Be sure to follow Peak Futures on Instagram to keep up with their latest music releases.

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