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Weekly Newsletter #96: Imagination Recaptured

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By: burgundy bug

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We are BUGGING to announce the official name and theme of our next digital magazine, which is scheduled for release on April 28th. 

“The Burgundy Zine 18: Imagination Recaptured” — has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 

With a little over a month to go before the big release, that means you have just a few weeks left to submit content for this next issue of our digital magazine!

Weekly Roundup

We began this week with a review of the delightfully depressing book “Sad Animal Facts” by Brooke Barker on Monday. 

On Tuesday, we tuned-in to a review of the Brazilian R&B duo Blosun’s debut single, “Come Find Me.”

Last — but most certainly far from least — we spoke to Curaleaf Regional President, Northeast, Patrik Jonnson to learn more about Curaleaf’s plan to serve New Jersey’s new recreational cannabis market. 

We also took a closer look at the legislation Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) signed in February to legalize recreational cannabis. 

Research Roundup

The Effects of Daytime Psilocybin Administration on Sleep 
By: Daniela Dudysová et al. 

Dudysová et al. dive deeper into the potential mechanisms behind psilocybin’s antidepressant properties and its relationship to neuroplasticity by assessing how shrooms affect the sleep cycle. 

Similar to antidepressant medications, psilocybin increases the duration of NREM sleep and decreases the length of REM sleep (a.k.a. the stage of sleep where dreams occur). 

Prolonged states of REM sleep are associated with depression. Thus, it’s possible psilocybin exerts its antidepressant properties through these changes to the sleep cycle.

Exciting Events

Tickets for the Academy of Vocal Arts’ “Jubilate! A Concert of Sacred Music” virtual performance on Saturday, March 20th at 7:30 p.m. (EST) are available now

“AVA’s annual concert of sacred music returns, from the comfort of your own home,” the AVA begins. “This year’s Jubilate will be recorded at a new location – the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral featuring our Resident Artists and, for the first time this season, members of the AVA Orchestra until the baton of Maestro David Antony Lofton. This concert will be filmed following all COVID-19 protocols with the safety of our Resident Artists and orchestra musicians top of mind.”

The admission for “Jubilate! A Concert of Sacred Music” is pay-what-you-wish, with a $10 minimum. 

Footage from the performance will be available until April 3, 11:59 p.m. Attendees may access the footage using the link provided to them on the afternoon of March 20th. 

Going Forward

“The Burgundy Zine #18: Imagination Recaptured” is centered around the rebirth and revival of The Burgundy Zine with our 2021 relaunch

The title of the zine was inspired by the lyric, “Oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go” in “You Never Give Me Your Money” by The Beatles. 

We’re currently in an era of rapid scientific discovery and advancement — “that magic feeling” — yet, these major discoveries seem like background noise, drown out by the fact that we’re all at home with “nowhere to go.” 

Since our reboot, we’ve continued to cover a few of these discoveries, just as we would’ve before, with the intent of recapturing that “magic feeling” through the imagination of our community. Education is a powerful tool for fueling the imagination, after all. 

An official announcement with more information about The Burgundy Zine #18 will be released this week.

You can also look forward to another update about editor burgundy bug’s Health Diary project, which we introduced in Weekly Newsletter #94.

Those of you who were contacted in regards to our Tune-In Tuesdays #100 special last week can look forward to hearing more from us in the weeks to come, as well. 

In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe. We can’t wait to work with you on this next issue of our digital magazine. <3 

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