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Weekly Newsletter #94: The Extra Beefy Newsletter

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By: burgundy bug

A brown and white cow shoots a shocking glare through the wire fence and toward the ground

Source: Through the Wire Fence |Penelope Peru Photography

We’re welcoming in the new week with two simple but sweet updates for you, bug buddies.

First and foremost, we’re elated to introduce our “Research Roundup,” a new section in our weekly newsletter that highlights thought-provoking, peer-reviewed research articles editor burgundy bug has hand-selected to share with you. 

Second, bug just released six new stickers as part of her “Mystical Magical Merch Store Update,” which you can enjoy a 10 percent discount on using the promo code “BDZN10.” 

Be sure to stick around ’till the end of this week’s newsletter to catch a glimpse of bug’s current major graphic design project, as well. 😉 

Weekly Recap

We got our week off to a rocking and rolling start by encouraging you to tune-in to indie band Borito’s dreamy, nostalgic, debut album “What We Have Now” on Tuesday. 

Then, therapist Rachel Hudson explored how cannabidiol (CBD), the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, can improve your mental health on Wednesday. 

Last — but most certainly not least — bug released her Mystical Magical Merch Store Update, which features six new designs: 

  1. Glossy Cosmic Mystic Mushroom stickers
  2. Glossy Cosmic Koala stickers
  3. Glossy Polka Dot Pop Art Butterfly stickers
  4. Glossy Skull Flower stickers
  5. Glossy Skull Shroom stickers
  6. Glossy Mystical Magical Wizard Toad stickers

Weekly Roundup

Eager to share your content with our audience? Sweet! Head on over to our page for advertisers to learn more about being featured in our Weekly Roundup. 

Research Roundup

Exploratory Controlled Study of the Migraine-Suppressing Effects of Psilocybin
By:  Emmanuelle Schindler et al. 
In this exploratory double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study, Schindler et al. assess how two sessions on shrooms affect participants’ chronic migraines. 

Review of the neurological benefits of phytocannabinoids
By: Joseph Maroon and Jeff Bost
Maroon and Bost dive headfirst into the brain health benefits of cannabis at a neurochemical level. In doing so, the authors explore the mechanisms behind cannabis’ neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory properties. 

Making “bad trips” good: How users of psychedelics narratively transform challenging trips into valuable experiences
By: Liridona Gashi et al. 
Gashi et al. hold in-depth interviews with 50 regular users of psychedelic to better understand how they integrate “bad drug trips” as personally meaningful, enriching experiences. 

Going Forward

We have a very special article that will sleuth out one of the greatest recent mysteries to plague food delivery apps scheduled for release next week — so get a fork ready and keep an eye out. 

Additionally, we’re really looking forward to keeping you in the loop on some of our favorite research articles. As many of you know, bug is a college student and health writer who spends much of her time with her nose buried in various studies.

Sharing this information with you makes it… Well, far more exciting and personable. It’s like we have our own little research club, bug buddies. 

Bug’s Current Graphic Design Project: Health Diary Templates

Leading up to the release of “The Burgundy Zine #18,” bug has decided to keep her hands busy and get re-acclimated with graphic design through her current project: Digital (and printable) Health Diary Templates. 

If you’re into bullet journaling, planning, scrapbooking, digital note-taking, and/or self-care, then this one’s for you. 

Bug’s health diary template pages “Dear Health Diary…,” “An apple a day…,” “Month,” “Let’s welcome a new week.” “It’s a brand new day,” “Get some rest,” “Let’s reflect,” and “Free space.”

Source: Burgundy Bug

These digital health diary templates will include about 20 pages (give or take) designed to help you log: 

  • Symptoms and triggers (daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • Medication reminders
  • Your wellbeing through journaling, surveys, and comics
  • Upcoming doctor’s appointments and questions to ask during your next visit
  • Your personal and family medical history
  • Emergency contacts and doctors’ information
  • Research and notes related to your condition

These diaries are entirely undated, making them a timeless staple of your digital scrapbooking supplies. You can use this template to track your physical as well as your mental health, too. 

Plus, the format is created with versatility for you in mind. You can mix and match pages, you can use them digitally on your tablet, computer, or phone, or you can print them out! 

More information about these health diary templates, as well as “The Burgundy Zine #18,” will be available in the days and weeks to follow.

In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe. Thank you for joining us in this week’s extra-beefy newsletter. We look forward to touching bases with you again next Sunday.

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