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Weekly Newsletter #10: Week 10? Come Again!?

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By: burgundy bug

Diesel the pug, smiling

Source: Diesel 02 | Penelope Peru Photography P³

Guess breaking into double digits is a milestone, huh?

Welcome to week 10. We kicked things off by tuning-into Hazel by Roy Blair on Tuesday. Then, Nimrah taught us how to invest in ourselves, we took a moment to reflect on the highlights from last month, we hiked on through Central Oregon, and Sarah Winton shared her workwear essentials with us.

Weekly Recap

On Tuesday, we tuned into the dreamy and melodic Hazel by Roy Blair.

On Wednesday, Nimrah taught us how to invest in ourselves. Then, we felt the Bern’ while trying to make sense of what in the world is going on around the globe with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Later, we took a moment to gloss over the highlights from Feb on P³.

On Thursday, we took a hike through the hidden, unspoken beauty of Central Oregon. Afterwards, Sarah Winton shared her workwear essentials with us.

Posts (Mar 1 – Mar 9)

Going Forward

Going forward, expect to see a slew of gardening guides and terrarium tutorials.

As the month progresses, keep an eye out for more articles about hiking, outdoor activities, the environment, and a special post about entomophagy, the practice of eating bugs.

Of course, you can count on routine installments of Tune-In Tuesdays and What in the World Wednesdays.

This Tuesday, The Burgundy Zine is happy to present an interview with the New Jersey-based punk-rock group, The Carousers.

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