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Weekly Newsletter #12: Marching Towards the Third Issue

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By: burgundy bug

Golden Dewdrop (Duranta Erecta)

Source: Dainty Purple Flowers | Penelope Peru Photography P3

With just four days left until the release of grow, the third issue of The Burgundy Zine, time certainly keeps marching forward.

We began this week by covering the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago and then took a closer look at wellness. Afterwards, we compared the keto and Mediterranean diets, enjoyed 15-percent off Peach Peach, got down and dirty with a few gardening guides, considered opting for beetles over beef, and learned about the Shorter AME Church’s upcoming garden project.

Weekly Recap

On Sunday, we took a moment to appreciate the very green and very festive Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago, where they’ve dyed the river in the spirit of the holiday annually since 1962.

Then, we took a closer look at the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational, financial, and spiritual wellness.

On Monday, JD of Curious About Stuff compared and contrasted the keto and Mediterranean diets.

On Tuesday, MomoKumo shared her special promo code for 15-percent off Peach Peach, an online retailer that specializes in kawaii, trendy, niche clothing and accessories. No worries, you can still enjoy 15-percent off by entering the code “Smolxx” while you’re checking out!

On Tuesday, we tuned-in to demo track Trip by the brand new, SoCal-based, alternative indie band, Cooli Ooli.

On Wednesday, we once again attempted to make sense of what is going on in the world. New court documents from the Michael Cohen investigation were released, President Donald Trump had a few less than kind words to say about late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Warren suggested doing away with the electoral college, Pixar released a new trailer for Toy Story 4, and a woman was punched in the face by a police officer during a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Chester, Pa.

Then, we got our hands dirty with our gardening guide on succulents.

On Thursday, we asked Nutrition and Food Systems Officer with the FAO-UN, Maria Antonia Tuazon, for her expert opinion on the sustainability of entomophagy, the practice of eating insects. In short, opting for beetles over beef may just save our planet.

On Friday, we put our green thumbs to the test yet again with our gardening guide on African Violets.

On Saturday, we learned about the Shorter AME Church in Pennsylvania’s upcoming garden project.

Then, we learned how to propagate African Violets from a leaf.

Going Forward

Going forward, prepare yourself as we march towards Grow, the third installment of The Burgundy Zine, which will be available digitally on the 28th.

Before you know it, April will be upon us – and you know what that means? 4/20. That’s right. The fourth issue of The Burgundy Zine will focus on anything and everything cannabis: from prohibition to legalization, we’ve got you covered.

In the meantime, you can expect routine installments of Tune-In Tuesdays and What in The World Wednesdays, in addition to more content centered around nature and wellness.

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