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Weekly Newsletter #24: Word to Your Father

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By: burgundy bug

Profile of a Lion at the Philadelphia Zoo

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What’s that? Barbeques, sunscreen, and “wooder ice?” Ah, that’s right. We’re just five days away from summer and 12 days away from the release of The Burgundy Zine’s sixth issue.

Weekly Recap

We began this week covering the town hall held by State Rep. O’Mara (D-165) in Radnor.

Later that Sunday evening, XtaSeay and I reviewed CBD Five’s Vape Pen Starter Kits for our Strain of the Week series.

Then, Rebecca Gibson shared her experiences as a bisexual member of the LGBTQ community in her article, “The B Word and Its Influence” on Monday.

Afterwards, we released a series of summer skin care articles: “How to Shield Your Skin from Summer Sunshine,” “What the Heck is SPF, Anyways?,” and “What the Heck are UV Rays, Anyways?

On Tuesday, we released an interview with Ethan Bortnick, the 18 year old piano prodigy who has a whole line up of new music right around the corner.

Then, Winston shared “The Ultimate CBD Dosage Guide for Anxiety, Pain, Epilepsy, and More” with us.

On Wednesday, Ela Kaimo gave us some tips for a light, fresh, weather appropriate look in her “Summer Makeup Guide.”

Afterwards, we highlighted some of our favorite “Summer Nails of Instagram.”

On Friday, we released an interview with Nicolette Brignola, the local fitness model who has been crushing it in competitions over the last year.

Going Forward

Going forward, stay tuned for this week’s installment of our Strain of the Week series later today. Be sure to keep an eye out for this week’s Tune-In Tuesdays, as well!

The sixth issue of The Burgundy Zine is scheduled for release on June 28th. If you would like to be featured, now’s the last call! Send your content on over before the curtains close through our submissions page.

And of course, happy Father’s Day.

Until next week,

burgundy bug

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