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Weekly Newsletter #35: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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By: burgundy bug

Burgundy bug photographing her and XtaSeay’s reflection

Source: Reflection | Penelope Peru Photography

Well, we made it. Although our scheduling may have been all out of whack this week, we still made it to the release of “The Burgundy Zine #8: Reflections” on time. High fives all around, bug buddies!

Weekly Recap

We began last week with “The Universe Says ‘Yes'” by Fiona McHugh on Sunday.

After taking a few sick days, we released “The Burgundy Zine #8: Reflections” on Wednesday. The 151 page issue of our magazine that features personal experiences, advice, interviews, reviews, and more!

On Saturday, we released our delayed installments of Strain of the Week and Tune-in Tuesdays. We also published our full-length review of the book “Neurologic: The Brain’s Hidden Rationale Behind Our Irrational Behavior” by Dr. Eliezer J. Sternberg.

Going Forward

Going forward, we’re going to start releasing content for the Sep issue of our digital magazine, which is focused on “back to school.” You can learn more about this issue and how to contribute here.

We’ll also be releasing our routine installments of Strain of the Week and Tune-In Tuesdays – and don’t worry, they will be on time this week!

Thank you for your patience and understanding last week. While you’re waiting for new content from us over the next few days, why not check out our monthly highlights over on Penelope Peru Photography? 😉

Good luck to all of our readers out there who just went back to school!

Until next week,

burgundy bug >:^)

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