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Weekly Newsletter #41: This is Your Brain… On Halloween

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By: burgundy bug

Hibachi-style egg photoshopped to resemble a jack-o-lantern

Source: Jack-O-Lantern Egg | Penelope Peru Photography

This is your brain. This is Halloween. This is your brain on Halloween.

This is your brain on drugs PSA

Source: This Is Your Brain…This Is Your Brain On Drugs – 80s Partnership For A Drug Free America | Anthony Kalamut

Weekly Recap

We began this week with our review of CBD Chief’s Vape Starter Kit last Sunday before diving into “The Chilling Effects of Sleep Deprivation.”

On Monday, Mahik’s delighted us with the candid and thought provoking poem, “A Call For Help… For We, to Us.”

Then we published, “Sensory Information in Dreams: Sighted vs Blind.”

On Tuesday, we tuned into Maggie Schneider for an interview about finding herself as well as her sound.

On Wednesday, CBD Central gave us an in-depth explanation of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and hemp plants.

On Thursday, Emily Barnes shared with us her family’s experience at the Great Pumpkin Blaze in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

Afterwards, we encouraged you to checkout groundbreaking poet and writer Victoria Culbreath’s blog.

On Friday, EdMission Possible explained the timeline of applying for Financial Aid as a senior in highschool.

On Saturday, we turned to Amazon for couples Halloween costume inspiration and, well… You’ll have to see how that went for yourself.

Last, but most certainly far from least, Emily Bourne shared with us her artistic depiction of dissociating.

Going Forward

Going forward, we will be releasing an article about serotonin, the almighty mood regulating hormone later today. We have more psychology, neurology, and Halloween content lined up this week, so keep an eye out!

This is also the last week to submit content for The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology. The deadline for submissions this month is Oct 21, but an extension can be worked out, if needed.

For more information about submitting articles, art, photography, and music for this issue, please refer to “Calling All Contributors – October 2019.” General submission guidelines are available on our submissions page.

As almost always, you can expect routine installments of “Strain of the Week” and “Tune-In Tuesdays.” This Tuesday, we’ve got another interview with a special guest!

Note: “Strain of the Week” was originally released every Sunday – then it was moved to every Monday and soon after the releases became spotty at best.

Don’t worry, we don’t plan on writing off the series any time soon. XtaSeay and I have plenty of new concentrates, vape devices, and CBD edibles we’ve been dying to tell you all about, but life happens! Our schedules don’t always line up due to our occupations outside of The Burgundy Zine, which makes it tricky to sit down and pump out reviews sometimes.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

While you’re waiting for all of our exciting new content this week, why not carouse our photos from the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex and State Museum of Pennsylvania over on Penelope Peru Photography?

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