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Why Do You Use Cannabis?

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By: burgundy bug

Ugly Stepsister flower by Terrapin

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** Anonymity has been exercised to protect the interviewee.

We’re wrapping this month’s theme of cannabis up with a special interview with a long-time cannabis enthusiast.

Interested in hearing about cannabis use from all perspectives, we reached out to an individual who has been using for three years to learn a little more about why they indulge.

Why did you start using cannabis? Why do you continue to?

I started using cannabis because I read that it would help with anxiety.

It definitely did, so that’s why I’m still using it.

What is your preferred method of using cannabis?

I prefer flower, but I do like the vape cartridges, too.

Do you prefer Sativa or Indica strains? Why?

I usually prefer a hybrid, but I lean more towards Indica strains.

I think Indicas are more helpful for alleviating anxiety, ’cause Sativas can kind of amp it up sometimes.

How do you feel about the current cannabis legislation in Pennsylvania and at a national level?

They’re still pretty strict with it in Pennsylvania, even though medical marijuana is legal, so I don’t think it’s too great here.

Overall, I think we’ll get to legalization soon, hopefully.

Treatments just cost more than a cure, so I don’t know if the government’s gonna follow through [on legalizing cannabis].


What stereotypes associated with cannabis use frustrate you the most?

Definitely that cannabis users don’t have any work ethic.

I have a full-time job. I work everyday. Cannabis has never crossed lines or messed up my ability to work.

Where do you believe cannabis will be in a decade from now, politically and scientifically?

Politically, I think it’ll still be talked about.

I think the Republican side will continue to fight cannabis, even once it’s federally legal.

Scientifically, I can’t even begin to imagine where cannabis will be in a decade from now.

There is already so much we’ve learned and done medically through research so far.

Do you ever see yourself pursuing a career in cannabis?

I’m pretty big into gardening, so I would want to try getting a license and growing some cannabis. I think it would be really neat to partner with a dispensary.

I love the botanical side of cannabis, the science behind it, everything.

I don’t think I would pursue it as a full-time career, though.

Is there any darkside to cannabis use? Is cannabis abuse a legitimate concern?

As a heavy user, yes. I think it can definitely get out of control.

If you get depressed, using cannabis can become the only thing you want to do – especially if you try to cure the depression with using. You can fall into a vicious cycle, and sometimes cannabis just makes it worse.

It doesn’t ever last, it’s not permanent, but it still happens.

Do you have any final thoughts or additional comments? Perhaps a funny smoke story to leave us with?

When I first started smoking, long ago… Maybe five years ago. I was at my house with my friends, but we were too terrified to light it.

We tried to make the cannabis into tea instead with just boiling water and a nug. A friend of mine had one of those portable water boilers, so he brought it over and we just put the weed in there with the water.

Then we drank it and acted like we were stoned for three hours.

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