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Calling All Contributors – August & September 2020

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By: burgundy bug

Calling all contributors!

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Calling all contributors! If you’re a writer, artist, photographer, model, or musician interested in having your work featured in “The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science,” you’ve come to the right place.

The deadline to submit content for “The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science” is Sept. 21, 2020

Note: We have recently updated our submissions policy, which you can learn more about here. Our Privacy Policy also contains important information pertaining to guest contributor content.

You will receive full credit for your contribution to the magazine with a link back to your website along with any social media you would like us to include. In your submission, please specify your preferred pen name and what links you would like us to feature.

Any photos accompanying your work can be sent to us via Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or email: submit@burgundyzine.com.

About This Issue

“Next up: The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science” as seen in The Burgundy Zine #16: Skin Care, Self Care

Source: The Burgundy Zine #17: Skin Care, Self Care | The Burgundy Zine

Put on your goggles and whip out your pumpkin spice lattes… We’re falling into science.

Throughout August and September, our community will splice and dice everything you love about autumn and science to hybridize content for the next issue of our digital magazine.

As always, we’re looking to feature writers, artists, photographers, musicians, and models on our site and in our publication.

From fall fashion to astronomy, climate sciences, ecology, and medicine, we can’t wait to fall into the season with you.

Ready to start submitting content or pitching articles? Click here.

Want a bit more information about The Burgundy Zine #17? Keep reading!


We’re looking to feature a broad array of autumn and science-themed content. Our topic isn’t limited to any specific area of science, either. Whether your interests pertain to astrophysics or remain grounded in biology, we want to geek out with you.

Please cite any sources referenced throughout your work.

The same applies for the autumn-themed half of this zine, as well. We want to read your fall-inspired poetry, recipes, and more.

Artists, Photographers, and Models

Regardless of our theme, we’re always eager to feature artists, photographers, and models in our digital magazine. This includes traditional art, digital art, crafts, and makeup.

We’re actively seeking to incorporate more photostories throughout this issue, too. Whether you’ve put on your own fall lookbook photoshoot or have recently frolicked through a sunflower field, we want to see it! The more autumn foliage, the better, right?


Update (Aug. 21, 2020): More information about our Tune-In Tuesdays schedule this fall is available here.

Every week, we release interviews as well as song, album, and music video reviews for our “Tune-In Tuesdays” series.

In each issue of our digital magazine, we release a “music spotlight” highlighting the music that’s been sent to us, as well.

Every “music spotlight” we release is compiled in a Spotify playlist that’s released along with the digital magazine, too!

If you’re interested in having your music featured on our blog, digital magazine, and in our Spotify playlists, please send us a link to your work along with any relevant information (press releases, photographs, and social media profiles, for example).

Please note: We have interviews scheduled throughout most of August, but we still have spots open for song reviews throughout the month! Our interview spaces for September are open, as well.

Plus, we’re always, ALWAYS eager to hear your work and share it with our readers in our magazine’s Music Spotlight.


Advertisers and influencers are encouraged to inquire about being featured in The Burgundy Zine, too. For more information, please refer to our page for advertisers.

Thank you for being apart of The Burgundy Zine. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Click here to submit content or pitch ideas to us.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!

Yours truly,
burgundy bug >:^)

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A cynical optimist and mad scientist undercover, burgundy bug is the editor, graphic designer, webmaster, social media manager, and primary photographer for The Burgundy Zine. Entangled in a web of curiosity, burgundy bug’s work embodies a wide variety of topics including: neuroscience, psychology, ecology, biology, cannabis, reviews, fashion, entertainment, and politics. You can learn more about working with burgundy bug by visiting her portfolio website: burgundybug.com

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