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Get Your Shit Together with Trello

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By: burgundy bug

Get your shit together with Trello

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Are you running out of fingers to count all of your ideas on? Do you spend your nights ruminating over your to-do lists?

Well, look no further. Trello is a modern, user-friendly tool that’ll help you visualize and organize your goals.

What’s Trello?

Trello is a free, online platform that allows you to create boards of your ideas. Then, you can structure your project into various lists with cards and other tools, including labels, descriptions, and comments, that help you break down your big ideas into manageable steps.

What Can I Use Trello For?

Anything and everything. Whether it’s your solo-project or a collaborative effort, Trello provides you with all the tools you need to turn your dreams into a reality.

Need a little help getting started? Trello provides a variety of templates for personal, business, creative, educational, or technological ventures.

How to Use Trello

Back to the Drawing Board

After creating an account, it’s time to get your first board started. Name it after your project, then begin breaking it down list-by-list.

Love it? List It!

Lists help you organize your project into categories or steps. Creating lists helps you structure your thoughts so you don’t become overwhelmed by one big to-do list that consumes all of your tasks.

Pro tip: Having a list of your “overall goals” and “completed” steps can help you keep the big picture in mind.

Create Your Cards

Cards are essentially the “do’s” to your “to’s.” After you add them to your list, you can add descriptions, comments, labels, file attachments, and due-dates.

If you’re working on a collaborative project, you can assign various members on your board to specific cards.

Drag & Drop

Both lists and cards utilize drag and drop features that make it easy to move around your ideas. Lists can be reordered, cards can be moved to different lists, and so forth.

Trello’s use of drag and drop features adds a sense of control and tangibility that’s often missing when organizing your ideas digitally. It allows you to have that hands-on feel without the messiness of scribbling all over your planner or having to make eye-contact with the crumpled pieces of paper spilling out of your trash can.

Build a Team

Trello allows you to add other Trello users to your boards who can utilize all of the tools described above.

Furthermore, you can create specific teams of Trello users that you can add to other boards. This is great for large businesses who need to assign departments to different tasks, or for those who are juggling various projects with different teams.

In Conclusion

Make it your new year’s resolution to get your shit together by saying hello to Trello, the online platform that makes organizing your projects a breeze.

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