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Tune-In Tuesdays #38: Becky Crosby – A Classical Introduction

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By: burgundy bug

Becky Crosby stands in a field as the sun sets eloquently behind her

Source: Becky Crosby

Inspired by the likes of Paramore and further empowered by her years of training as a classical vocalist, Becky Crosby put a fresh spin on pop-rock with the release of her single “I Know” on Monday.

Over the weekend, we spoke to Crosby via telephone to learn more about “I Know” as well as her lifelong love and passion for performing.

In your Spotify bio, it says you began dabbling in the music scene at just nine years old by performing all over the east coast with your music school. What inspired you to go to a music school? Was it your idea or your parents’?

I feel like most kids start off playing piano when they’re six years old and they hate it, but the second I did that I realized I wanted to do more singing stuff.

A lot of teachers didn’t want to teach me at that age because I was really young and it’s hard to teach younger kids like that. We went around and found this music school that had a camp for it, so my sister and I went to one of the camps and continued with it until we were a lot older.

What do you love most about music?

Becky Crosby sits surrounded by colorful graffiti

Source: Becky Crosby

I love that it gives me a chance to express myself, though I feel like every art form kinda does that.

[Music] allows me to show the purest form of myself.

Becky Crosby

I love working on music, honestly. It genuinely brings me joy.

What do you find most rewarding about being a musician?

I love working with other musicians and creating things that maybe I wouldn’t normally create on my own. I love getting other musicians’ perspectives in there.

It’s very rewarding to work with other people who love to do what you do too.

Becky Crosby

You also went to a performing arts high school that specialized in classical voice from 14 years old onwards. How has your education influenced your work and career as a pop-rock musician?

Overall, classical’s awesome. I decided not to do it in college because I wanted to try something new, but classical gave me a really strong foundation that I wouldn’t of had if I didn’t go through the training.

It also opened a lot of doors for me. I played at Carnegie Hall and I did all sorts of stuff that I probably wouldn’t have done if I had just stuck with the rock music. [Classical] had a huge impact on my writing, too.

I can do a lot vocally that I couldn’t have before my training.

What inspired you to pursue pop-rock music?

I grew up with it. My mom and dad always listened to ’80’s rock, like Journey and a lot of pop-rock music in general. When I was a little kid, my sister was really into All Time Low, Paramore, and the Warped Tour scene at that time.

I loved Paramore because I really appreciated seeing a female musician like Hayley Williams being so strong in her attitude and performance. That’s who she was and no one could really talk about it – she just was who she was. That influenced me a lot in my writing and in my singing while I was growing up. She encouraged me to embrace who I was.

As major Paramore fans ourselves, we’ve gotta ask – what is your favorite album by them?

Honestly dude, “Riot.” It’s a classic – but I do also love their self-titled album, too. I love the new music they brought in and the new vibe, it’s more pop oriented. I still love “Riot” to this day, though.

Just a few months after your debut single you’re about to release your latest song, “I Know.” Could you tell us a little bit about the single?

I wrote it a year or two ago. Then I started recording last year with my producer and my friend, Ethan Johnson. He produced the song and I think he did an amazing job on it. He helped me write some parts, as well.

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The Burgundy Zine

The song itself is about having a strong connection and foundation with someone – and then suddenly, there’s another person in the picture.

What went into making “I Know?”

Becky Crosby stands casually in a hallway adorned in colorful graffiti

Source: Becky Crosby

I spent a lot of time in the studio. Ethan and I sat there for two months or so and nitpicked everything. We had a good platform when we started, which helped us realize the vibe we wanted to go with; we wanted to mix in a bit of ’80’s guitar and kept building on that with synths, drums. Ethan played the guitar and bass.

We just kept adding to it.

What are some of your overarching goals as a musician?

Overall, I want to get my education and have a good foundation in jazz. I want to use what I learned here about music theory to create more intricate songs that I’m proud to show off when I’m older. I want to perform and do the whole musician thing, but I also want to songwrite for other musicians in the future, as well.

How do you hope to impact your listeners through your work?

A song can have a completely different meaning to everyone, but I hope they can relate to what my music is saying – even if it’s not relating to the meaning I had intended for the song.

When I hear a song that I relate to I feel comforted (then I’ll put it on repeat for days), and I hope [my listeners] can have that relation or connection to my songs.

Becky Crosby

What’s next for you, Becky? Do you have any additional singles in the works, perhaps an EP or an album?

I’m working with a few different producers right now and I have a few songs that I’m in the midst of recording.

My goal is to have an EP out within the next year. I’m really excited to finish up and work on the other songs for the EP.

Do you have any additional comments or final thoughts to share?

Becky Crosby, just chilling

Source: Becky Crosby

I should have some shows lined up in the next month or two, so keep an eye out for that on my Facebook or Instagram page.

Give Becky Crosby’s latest single “I Know” a listen on Spotify and Apple Music! Be sure to give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest shows and performances, as well.

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