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Weekly Newsletter #95: Springing into March Motivation

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By: burgundy bug

“March Motivation” by burgundy bug

Source: Bugs Boops

We can’t believe we’re just five installments away from the 100th release in our Tune-In Tuesdays series. 

As you can imagine, we’ve got some big plans in mind for Tune-In Tuesdays #100. If you’re a musician (or if you represent a musician) who has previously been featured by The Burgundy Zine, be on the lookout for an email with more information in the next few days. 😉 

Weekly Recap

We began our week by tuning in to a review of NYC singer-songwriter Becky Crosby’s jazzy, sultry cover of “Killing Me Softly” on Tuesday. 

Then on Thursday, we took a closer look at the greatest mystery to haunt your favorite food delivery apps: Ghost Kitchens

… And that was it. Damn, talk about a short week for The Burgundy Zine! 

Research Roundup

Psychedelics as a novel approach to treating autoimmune conditions
By: Caitlin Thompson & Attila Szabo
Thompson and Szabo review the immunomodulatory properties of psychedelics like shrooms and LSD and investigate their potential for treating autoimmune conditions. 

Herpes Virus Reaction in Astronauts During Spaceflight and Its Application on Earth
By: Bridgette V. Rooney et al. 
53 percent of astronauts from space shuttle flights and 61 percent of astronauts from the ISS have “shed one or more herpes viruses in saliva and urine samples,” Rooney et al. report. The number of viruses shed increases with the duration of their space expeditions, as well. 

Why? Well, these reactions coincide with the immune system dysregulation that’s typically observed in astronauts from these missions.

However, continued shedding of these viruses poses a risk to any infants or immunocompromised individuals who may be exposed to these astronauts. 

Going Forward


luck of the fried-rish #art #artist #speedart #march #lucky #marchmotivation #fyp

♬ Westside – Carpetgarden

In addition to our 100th Tune-In Tuesday’s special, we have some very interesting interviews lined up for the next few weeks — so keep an eye out.

Lastly, we’re just two months away from the release of The Burgundy Zine #18. Can you believe it? We knew that time would fly by!

More information about the upcoming issue will be published on our blog very, very soon. 

In the meantime, you can listen to all the songs we featured throughout February here.

Stay healthy and stay safe. We’re looking forward to springing into this week with you. 

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