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Tune-In Tuesdays #91: Jams of January 2021

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By: burgundy bug

“To Breathe the World in Its Entiety” by burgundy bug

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As we jumped back into the swing of things in January, we found ourselves graced by a variety of great jams.

So here we are to recap and review what you should be listening to, too.

Child by Borito

As seen in “Tune-In Tuesdays #88: Child by Borito.” Published on Jan. 12, 2021

Sweet and summery, indie-pop band Borito’s single “Child” has a playful, jovial vibe that instantly puts you in a good mood.

“Child” also gives you a taste of the heavenly goodness that’s to come in their debut album, which is scheduled for release on Feb. 12th.

It Ain’t Easy by Mog Jones

As seen in “Tune-In Tuesdays #89: It Ain’t Easy by Mog Jones.” Published on Jan. 19, 2021.

With a flow like the ocean that puts your swaying in motion, “It Ain’t Easy” by UK singer-songwriter Mog Jones radiates vintage, glam-rock vibes.

It feels like the anthem to a revolution and we love it.

Aspirin by Greysha

Dark and mysterious, “Aspirin” by UK singer-songwriter Greysha begins with a modern, heavy lo-fi sample before fluidly morphing into a slow, trippy, sultry sound.

The track really showcases Greysha’s talents as a singer and a songwriter, from her inflection as she sings to the brilliant lyricism throughout.

Who Yo’ Stylist by Marnino Toussaint

As seen in “Tune-In Tuesdays #90: Marnino Toussaint on ‘Who Yo’ Stylist’” Published on Jan. 26, 2021

Wavy, smooth, and sleek, “Who Yo’ Stylist” by south Florida rapper Marnino Toussaint delivers the vibes through it’s hypnotic beat and catchy lyricism.

“Sometimes, there are these special songs — like this one,” Toussaint began during our interview with him last week. “You never know what’s going to be ‘the song,’ you never know what’s going to work for people. For me, the songs I’m most confident in are ones like ‘Who Yo’ Stylist’ where, literally, everything came all at once.”

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