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Weekly Newsletter #17: The 23rd Hour

By: burgundy bug

Pootie Tang by Grassroots

Source: The Burgundy Zine

And in the 23rd hour of the 28th day of Apr, The Burgundy Zine released it’s fourth issue all about the devil’s lettuce.

Weekly Recap

On Monday, we took a look at How CBD Took the World by Storm.

After tuning into KEEF‘s debut single Only Human on Tuesday, we featured Alexis Ortiz of Miss Marijuana’s article 13 Real People Explain Why They Use CBD Oil For Anxiety by Miss Marijuana.

On Wednesday, we covered Herbology’s Town Hall in Morton, Pa.

On Thursday, we featured the articles Cannapause: Cannabis for Menopause by CannaLance and 10 Hempsational Facts About Hemp by CannaLance Ashley and James Priest.

On Sunday, XtaSeay and I reviewed Blue Lemonade by Terrapin for our Strain of the Week.

We also wrapped up our theme of cannabis by interviewing a long-time cannabis enthusiast in Why Do You Use Cannabis?.

Oh, and The Burgundy Zine #4: Cannabis was released. NBD, NBD.

Going Forward

Going forward, we will begin releasing content for the fifth issue of The Burgundy Zine, which is centered around the theme and topic of culture.

Until then, my friends.

Until then.

(I’m so tired)

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