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Weekly Newsletter #30: Today is the Day

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By: burgundy bug

Nervous Clock Guy

Source: My Brain 19 | Penelope Peru Photography

That’s right. Today’s the day “The Burgundy Zine #7: Art & Poetry” comes out. Are you ready for round seven?

Weekly Recap

We kicked off this week with “The Speaking Soul,” a poem by Mahik’s on Sunday.

On Monday we released, “you are alive. i can feel it // poem,” XtaSeay and I’s review of Green Line OG x Lime Skunk for our Strain of the Week series, as well as an interview with Meredith Park, an artist known for her comics on Instagram.

On Tuesday we published, “selfie nation // poem” before tuning into “Steel Tray” by Colour of the Jungle. We also spoke to Grassroots’ head of retail, Talley Wettlaufer, about Herbology’s new King of Prussia location.

On Thursday, we reviewed “The End of the FXXXing World,” a comic book by Charles Forsman that served as the basis for the 2017 Netflix original series bearing the same title.

Afterwards, we directed our artist spotlight towards @finallyfoundagoodusername, an illustrator who’s humorous doodles often take on somewhat of a pessimistic tone.

On Friday, poet Fiona McHugh shared with us “To Those Left Behind” and “Prediction.” Later that evening, we explored “The Dark Side of Lemonade Stands” and directed our artist spotlight towards Occidendum.

On Saturday, McHugh graced us with two more poems, “Femanist” and “The Pavement.” We also published the poem, “tongue and teeth.”

Going Forward

Going forward, the seventh issue of The Burgundy Zine will be released tonight!

We’ll be wrapping the month up with a Strain of the Week review tomorrow, an installment of Tune-In Tuesdays, and a review of the poetry book “Pillow Thoughts” before the clock strikes midnight on Jul 31.

There may also be a few more poems released the month is up.

In Aug, we’ll begin releasing content for the eighth issue of The Burgundy Zine, “Reflections.” We’ll be featuring articles reflecting on past experiences, “What I Learned From ____,” advice pieces, opinions, and more.

It’s never too early to begin submitting content – we already have a few articles lined up for this month! Click here to learn more about being featured in our digital magazine.

Until next week,

burgundy bug

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