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The Burgundy Zine #16: Skin Care, Self Care

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  1. A Burgundy Announcement: WE HAVE A NEW LOGO!
  2. Advertise With The Burgundy Zine
  3. June is National Candy Month
  4. Happy 4th of July — Here’s a Free Sticker!
  5. Anita Oommen on Finding Her Voice
  6. Self Care Self Love by Mary Alexandra
  7. The Body Has Its Own Truth by S. Anne Kelln
  8. Artist Spotlight: Natalia Bennett Addresses Sociopolitical Issues
  9. Know Your Rights: A Guide For Protestors by Peter
  10. Email Passwords Are Forgotten Most Often by Nordpass
  11. Artist Spotlight: Duran Jay
  12. The Top 10 Proven Benefits of Drinking Water – Get The Facts by Primary Vitality
  13. Bug’s Philosophy: Haircuts, Identity, and Validation
  14. No Packaging? No Issue!
  15. How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life by Peter
  16. Think With Your Gut
  17. Hooked on Hot Sauce… For Your Health
  18. Burping and Belching: How the Hell Do You Make it Stop!?
  19. The Abyss
  20. Mirages
  21. Friday Feeling: Mahik’s Inspirational Thoughts
  22. Quarantine For The Average Overthinker by Liliana E. Guzmán
  23. Reasons Why I Adore You by Priti
  24. Visions and Perceptions by Saumya
  25. Venetian Dreams by Priti
  26. Summer Storms
  27. Artist Spotlight: Jessica Abella
  28. The Benefits of Running by AJ
  29. 101 Life-Changing Quotes For Stress Relief by Relax Like a Boss
  30. How to Start Exercising by Home Gym 101
  31. Can Caffeine Decrease Productivity?
  32. Education Shines Online with Varsity Tutors This Summer
  33. A Smart Parent’s Guide to Successfully Homeschooling Children by Molly Carter
  34. Natural Remedies For Dry Skin
  35. Happy National Clean Beaches Week – Don’t Forget to Wear Your Mask!
  36. Lush Banana Skin Review
  37. Lush Cup O’Coffee Review
  38. Sunburn Safety: How to Protect Yourself From Skin Damage and Practice Sun Safety by Camping Cooks
  39. What the Heck Are UV Rays, Anyways?
  40. What the Heck is SPF, Anyways?
  41. Finding Solitude Amidst Chaos by Marina Wang
  42. Humans: They Come and Go as They Please by Ela Kaimo
  43. Artist Spotlight: The Art Triangle
  44. Guide to Insomnia and Technology by Decision Data
  45. Social Robots: The Cure to Quarantine Loneliness?
  46. Why Anxiety Prevents You From Falling Asleep
  47. How to Recycle Clothes Ecologically by Teresa Maria
  48. 20 Amazing Gardening Facts & Stats for All the Garden Lovers out There by Comfy Living
  49. 5 Tips For Summer Wellbeing by Peter
  50. Extinguishing Freelancer Burn Out
  51. On the Bright Side of COVID-19: Placentas and Vaccines
  52. How to Help a Grumpy Partner by Chic Sex Shop
  53. Bug’s Philosophy: The Truth About Self Love
  54. Bug’s Philosophy: Self Care is Productive
  55. Tune-In Tuesdays #72: Bad Honey on “Circles” and Their Musical Duo
  56. Tune-In Tuesdays #73: L’Suavo Dives Into the “Deep End”
  57. Tune-In Tuesdays #74: Francesca Louise on “Ride the Waters”
  58. Tune-In Tuesdays #75: A Heart-to-Heart on Agoraphobia with Katie Wood
  59. Tune-In Tuesdays #77: Novarium on Creating “Virus”
  60. Tune-In Tuesdays #78: Midnight Ambassador Reflects on Latest Single, “Mirror”
  61. Tune-In Tuesdays #79: Brand New on “Be High”
  62. Tune-In Tuesdays #80: Waiting For Smith on “Lines of Love” and Having “Yoga For Breakfast”
  63. Seeking Healthcare Treatment During a Pandemic
  64. Pink Clover #1 Review
  65. Bug’s Philosophy: What Makes a Truly Great Artist?
  66. High on Sex by Chic Sex Shop
  67. Sing For You ‘Till Sunrise
  68. We’ve Updated Our Submissions Policies


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